Senggigi Lombok, Get the Adrenaline Rush Through Surfing

If your purpose to have an adrenaline rush through Lombok surfing or have an enjoyable time with friends canoeing or swimming, then Senggigi Lombok is the right place to go. Senggigi Beach is the best place to do various sport activities. If you want to have a great dining experience or simply hang out with some friends, you can also choose on this beach.

Senggigi Beach is one of the most popular Lombok destinations and it has been known by local and international tourists. Senggigi Beach is located in the east coat of Lombok Island. To reach the beach, you can take a taxi, rent a car or motorcycle. It only takes about 30 minutes drive from Mataram. Beside rent a car in Lombok, you can also reach the beach by taking public transportation. From Mataram, you can take a public transportation with Sweta – Ampenan route by paying IDR 3,000 per person. From Ampenan, you can continue the travel with Ampenan – Senggigi route with only IDR 2,000.

When you have reached Senggigi Beach parking lot, you can walk about three minutes to reach the beach. Along the road side to the beach, you will find so many stands that sell foods and beverages, souvenirs, used books and many others.

surf in senggigi lombokWhen you enter the beach, you will find two large gazebos right in front of the beach entrance and the north side of the beach. The gazebo located on the entrance is usually used by the fishermen to take a rest and you can find snorkeling rental service there. On the north gazebo, there are some Bulayak sate sellers, Lombok traditional food. On the gazebo, you can enjoy the beach while you take your lunch. If you need fresh drink, make sure to go to the side of the gazebo, you will find coconut sellers.

Based on the contour and wave character, Senggigi Lombok is perfect for you who love water sports such as canoeing and Lombok surf. The best place for surfing is the south side of the beach. The wave in this area is so perfect for surfing. However, if you want to enjoy canoeing, the best part of the beach is the area in front of the Senggigi Beach Resort because the wave is calmer. Snorkeling is also a recommended activity in this area. You can enjoy the beauty of underwater world in the calm sea. You don’t have to carry your own snorkeling equipment because they are available in the area.

Another enjoyable activity that you can do in Senggigi Lombok is jogging. You will find a jogging track along the Senggigi Beach, so you can burn the fat while enjoying the view and air of the beach. Of course, the best time to do this activity is in the morning or at late afternoon, so you can watch the sunset.

senggigi beachIf you have a chance to visit this beach, then it had better to walk to the north because you will find art market there. Various cheap souvenirs, clothes, and handicrafts can be found there. Stop by in the Fine Art Gallery, so you can check the artistic painting that is made with new style and media by the local painter, Karyana,

If you are lucky, you can watch various festivals in Senggigi Beach. Both local and international festivals are held there. The reason why there are so many festivals held in Senggigi Beach rather than other Lombok beaches is the popularity of the beach among the local, national and international community.

Take your whole day and night when you visit Senggigi Beach. If you have done with your water sport and sunbathing, you can sit on the beach to watch the sunset. After that, you can go to one of the cafes along the main street of Senggigi to enjoy romantic diner. There are so many Senggigi hotel that you can around this famous beach. Check the box below to find some best Senggigi hotel.

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Travelling Tips

  • Bring your dry clothes if you want to swim or do water sports
  • Make sure to apply high-SPF lotion to prevent sunstroke
  • If you want to go surfing, make sure not to surf after 6pm because the wave can be so high.
  • If you want to play canoe, make sure that you can swim because there isn’t a life jacket rental in the area.

Additional Information and Map

  • Location: Senggigi Village, Batu Layar sub-district, East Lombok
  • Admission: free
  • Best time to visit: From the early to late afternoon, so you can enjoy the sunset
  • Public Facilities: Parking lot, toilet, mosque, art market, book stores, canoe and snorkeling equipment rental (canoes: IDR 15,000; snorkeling and fin: IDR 25,000), mattress rental (IDR 5,000), cafeteria and many others
  • Nearest Hotel or Resort: Pool Villa Club Senggigi Beach Hotel, Senggigi Beach HotelHoliday Resort Lombok, Kebun Villas & Resort

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