To Visit Real Estate of Segenter Traditional Village

Sasak tribe in Segenter traditional village has been known about space lay out from many years ago. This thing is proved from their orderly laid-out houses, like a real estate environment. If you have a chance to visit Lombok island, the local wisdom will be reflected from their neighborhood.

Lombok island and its famous tribe, Sasak Lombok, is an interesting tourism destination to be visited. There are at least two clusters of Sasak people housing in Lombok, which is Sade village and Segenter traditional village. Sade traditional village is located in the south side of Lombok island (Central Lombok district), that you could visit in the trip to Kuta beach and surrounding area. While Segenter traditional village is located in the north side of Lombok island (north Lombok district). From two of them Segenter traditional village tend to be ‘miserable’ because it starts to lose its originality. If you don’t want to lose the trace of Sasak tribe at Segenter village, try to step by to this place.

Segenter traditional village is easier and more comfortable to reach from west coast of Lombok island. With personal car or motorbike, you can take route of Mataram-Senggigi-Pemenang-Tanjung-Selengen-Segenter, and the distance is about 90 km. when you reach 87 km, you will see board sign to Segenter traditional village. Distance segenter village close to the Bayan village.

gate segenter village lombokIn the front of Segenter traditional village, you will see some kind of welcome plasa which built by the government. In the west side, there is a building that once was purposed as information centre. But it already showed signs of damages because less of maintenance.

To enter Segenter village, you have to pass the gate which in the north (back) side of the plasa. This gate is the only way in and out from the village. This 3 hectares village is indeed surrounded by fences.

Beside seeing the local people’s life, inside Segenter village you may also see lines of houses which clamp line of berugak. The traditional Sasak people house has long-squared shape with measurement 6×7 m.

The wall is made from bamboo slices weaving but now there are few houses using walls from bricks. The roof has pyramid shape made from tall coarse grass, and all houses have ground floor. In a house there is amben belek (a place to put household stuffs), kitchen, bedroom, and inan belek. Amongst those house parts, inan belek can be said as the most special one. It is built as a special room in the middle of the house, and newlywed couple will spend the first till third nights here. If someone doesn’t have any rice shed, inan belek can also be used as rice shed.segenter village lombok

In Segenter traditional village, a generation usually build house in one area. The parent dwell a house in east side, while their children live in the house in front or in the west side of the parent’s.

Between the parent’s and the children’s house, is built a berugak with size 4×6 m as place to communicate, to study, or to accept guests. If the children is more than one, the younger’s house is located in the left (north) side of the older’s. While the rice shed is built in the most possible location.

There are approximately 81 houses in this village which dwelled by 101 families. Those traditional houses are commonly in miserable condition because of the lack of budget to maintain it. The walls are still complete but they’re old, and the roofs start to brittle. Some families already keep tall coarse grass but they haven’t replace the old one with it. The roof replacement should be done every 12-13 years. If you don’t want to lose trace of Segenter traditional village of Sasak tribe, spare your time to visit this place.


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Travelling Tips

  • With time and the public transportation availability consideration, you better use personal/rental car to come to the village.
  • Come at morning /afternoon if you don’t want to irritate by the hot weather.
  • To ease you knowing the village’s details, please ask one of local people to guide you while you’re visiting this place.
  • If you don’t get used to ‘simple’ food, you better bring your own food supply since food stall is very far from Segenter village.
  • Because the location is quite far from Mataram city, you better arrange your visit to other places such as Bayan Beleq Mosque, and Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile waterfall.

Additional Information and Map

  • Location: Sukadana village, west Lombok district
  • Admission: free
  • Best time to visit: morning, around 08.00 WITA, or afternoon around 16.00 WITA
  • Public Facilities: parking area, public toilet.
  • Nearest Hotel or Resort: Pondok Senaru Lombok

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