The Recommended Public Services in Lombok

“The Important Things About Lombok island’s Public Services”

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Not only accommodation, it had better for you to make a little search on the public services and amenities in Lombok Indonesia before you hit the island. You can make a list on the places with its address and phone number on a note or keep it in your smartphone. With that way, you can directly check the list when you are clueless. Here are some recommended public services that should be in the list.

First, one of the most important things beside finding the perfect place to stay is finding the best place to eat. Indonesia, especially Lombok foods can be very spicy with their spices, pepper and chili. Taliwang is one of the traditional foods. It can be found many areas, but you are recommended to try on Ayam Taliwang Restu. Bakso Krenyeus should also in your list together with Dini restaurant, Dirgahayu restaurant, Dua Em Bersaudara Traditional Restaurant, Pasir Putih Seafood Bakar & BBQ, Taliwang Airlangga and many others.

Second, if you are visiting Senggigi beach and we are looking for restaurant and café, these recommendations can be so helpful. Some of the best cafes and restaurants in Senggigi Lombok are Alberto Caffe, Asmara Restaurant, Lombi Café, Lotus Bay View, Quali Restaurant and Warung Kangen. There are numerous cafes and restaurants in Senggigi, so finding your favorite place won’t be a problem. If you are in Belanak, Laut Biru Café is recommended and if you stay in Kuta beach area, you have to try Magic Longue Bar & Restaurant and Dwiki’s Cuisine.

lombok souvenirThird, souvenir is an important thing in a vacation, moreover Lombok island is a very long distance vacation. Here are some of the recommended places to buy Lombok souvenirs. You can visit Abi Pearl in Mataram,Delasan Gift Shop in Senggigi, Gem Pearl in Senggigi. Shops in Cilinaya Street Mataram, Gili Trawangan Art Market and Senggigi Art Market.

Last, but not least, you have to buy snacks, especially the traditional snacks. You can visit to buy the snack for gift in these places. You can consider Aditya Jaya, Anita Jaya, Bunga Mawar in Mataram, Lestari in Mataram and Palem Perdana in Mataram.

Making a list on the recommended public service is highly recommended, so you know where to go and we you can ensure yourselves that you will get the best service or goods in the area. It is also recommended for you to make a list on the public health care, ATM, gas station and more. A holiday to Lombok will be so great if you know the area and services.

Below are list of public service in Lombok Indonesia from ambulance,  hospital, and post office (for accomodation service in lombok, such as hotel, tourist information center, restaurant, taxi and car rental, you can check at Accommodation chapter on other web page):


Phone: 118,0370-622254

Health Clinic & Hospital

  • Clinic Senggigi Center. Senggigi Beach Hotel, Senggigi. Phone: 0370-693210
  • Creative Cilinic. Gili Trawangan. Phone : 0370-630451, 0878-65374361
  • Narmada Clinic. Jln. Wira Bakti No 9, Narmada. Phone: 0370-671820
  • Puskesmas Tanjung. Tanjung. Phone: 0370-623010
  • Risa Sentra Medika Hospital. Jln. Pejanggik No. 115, Cakranegara. Phone: 0370-625560
  • RS Islam Siti Fajar. Jln. Panca Warga, Mataram. Phone: 0370-623498
  • RS Katholik Anthonius. Jln. Koperasi No 61, Ampenan. Phone: 0370-621397
  • RS Umum Mataram. Jln. Pejanggik No. 6, Mataram. Phone : 0370-638464

Post Office:

  • Jln. Sriwijaya, Mataram. Phone: 0370-632645
  • Jln. Langko, Ampenan. Phone: 0370-631642
  • Jln. Kebudayaan No. 91, Mataram
  • Jln. Pariwisata No.16 Mataram
  • Jln. Raya Senggigi, Senggigi
  • Jln. Sandubaya, Selong. Phone: 0370-21054
  • Jln. H.M. Yamin, Selong


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