Mawun Beach

From many beaches in Lombok Island especially in the south side, many beaches which are still unpopular, though the condition are quite well. Many factors caused this thing, but the main thing is the inadequate infrastructure and the less clean condition. Mawun beach is included to this category. If it seen form beach’s source, Mawun beach is so worth it to be a beach tourism destination. The beach which is a part of a bay, has horse shoe shaped with two hills in the west and east side. Has the white sand and soft texture in the center side of the beach. While in the west side, the sand tends to be rougher and mixed with rocks splits. The middle side of the beach’s topography is also steeper than in the west and east side. The waves in the middle part of the beach is also stronger compared to those in west and east side. The middle side of the beach also contaminated by plastic rubbish which carried by the waves. Its understandable because the middle side of the beach is faced directly to the Indian ocean while the west and east side of the beach is blocked by hill.

beautiful at mawun beachEvery day, the beach is visited by visitors, domestic and foreign as well though it’s not in large amount. Domestic visitors usually come in the morning and leave the beach before the sun gets too hot. On the contrary, the foreign visitors usually visit this beach when the sun is still so hot at noon. Besides swimming, they also lay down spending times by reading of self-portraying.

If you want to visit this beach, choose the east and west side of the beach to do activities. Beside it clean, these two parts of the beach are gradually inclined and not too wavy. It also fit for kids to play.

In Mawun beach, there are several activities you can do. From laying down doing sun bathing, walking along the beach till swimming. Especially for swimming, you need to be careful if you doing it in the middle part of the beach, because the topography of the bottom sea from beach’s land to the middle of the sea is quite steep. Besides, there are no lifeguards in here.

If you want a different activity, try to climb hills in the both tip side of the beach. Form up there; you could enjoy the wonderful view of Indian Ocean, the hills and the curved beach.

Mawun beach is about 60 km from Mataram city, Lombok Indonesia. With personal car or motorbike, it can be reached 1, 5 hours from Mataram city. You can also reach it by public transportation, by taking route Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Praya-Penujak-Selong Belanak-Mawun, or Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Praya-Batunyale-Sengkol-Rambitan-Sade-Kuta-Mawun.

To get into this beach by passing Selong Belanak, you will have to pass less good roads around 9 km before the beach. Along the way, you will see tobacco field and buffalo herding plain.

If you’re lucky you will be able to see farmers harvesting the tobacco leaves then weighed it to sell to factory or local seller.


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Travelling Tips

  • Prepare you car condition to pass the less good roads
  • Bring some snacks to consume in during the trip or in the beach. There is no food seller in the beach area
  • Use your sun block, sun glasses, and hat
  • Do not try to bargain woven cloths from the seller, if you’re not really want it. The seller often gets angry / forcing if you just bargain without buying it.

Additional Information and Map

  • Location: Tumpak village, central Lombok district
  • Admission: free
  • Best time to visit: morning or afternoon
  • Public Facilities: parking line, public toilet, berugak to relax, woven cloth seller
  • Nearest Hotel or Resort: Kuta Indah Hotel, Kuta Paradise Lombok

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