Travelling Guide on Lombok Vacation

“Important Things About Visiting Lombok”

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Good planning is a must if you want to visit Lombok. No matter where you come from, excellent preparation will make you vacation less confusing, so you can focus on your holiday maximally. First, if you want to visit Lombok, make sure to prepare your attraction, Lombok Indonesia destinations, and schedule perfectly. You should also prepare the accommodation and transportation. Use the internet to help you; it will guide you to the best deal.

Second, if you want to explore Lombok without lombok tours guide and you want to explore the area by yourselves, then it is recommended to rent a car or motorcycle. Renting the transportation devices will be so much more effective than taking the public transportation. There are so many car and motorcycle rents in Lombok island and you can even count on the hotel you stay to find you the right car or motorcycle. However, to save money and freedom on choosing the vehicles, it had better to find a car or motorcycle rental.

Third, even though Lombok people are very welcome and always so friendly to tourists, but it had better for you to pay attention to you clothes and attitude. Not only because they are Eastern people, but also because most of them are from Sasak tribe that holds their tradition, norm, and religious values. They might not give negative comment to the way you dress, but polite clothes is one of the ways to respect the host. Make sure to pay attention to this Lombok guide.

lombok tourFourth, always put on a high-SPF sunblock and prepare sunglasses because the sun is always shinning brightly, moreover during the summer. It also great if you prepare thin cardigan when you are going to have an outdoor activity for a while because it is possible that the sunlight stinging your skin. It will also prevent you from sunstroke. The temperature of the Lombok island is also quite high, so makes sure that the Air Conditioner in your Lombok hotel is working.

Fifth, don’t forget to take plenty of cash when you will visit remote area or villages because it is impossible to find ATM there. Ask the lombok travel guide on the ATM locations. Not only that, the distance between on ATM or other public services to another can be quite far. Therefore, use the credit card every time you can use one, so you don’t have to keep so much cash in your wallet. The same thing goes for fuel. It is easy to find gas station in Mataram or other cities, but if you want to explore some villages, make sure to fill the tank fully.

Last, but not least, when you meet sellers on the street side or lombok’s beach, make sure not to ask the price if you are not interested on buying. Asking the price is assumed as a sense of interest and the seller will put a huge hope on us to from them. Read the Lombok packages and guides to make the visit to Lombok so comfortable.

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