Lombok Surfing: Conquer the Waves of Gerupuk Bay

Surfing in Lombok is one of fun and challenging sea activities. If you want to do surfing in Lombok beach, come and visit Gerupuk bay. This area is famous for the flying waves which will pump your adrenaline. As a small island, Lombok has many beautiful beaches and bays, some of them are challenging, and one of them is Gerupuk bay. This bay is indeed wonderful because the location is lovely and it has big waves. This bay is well known for the flying waves which make this bay a surfing centre in Lombok island.

Gerupuk bay is bay spread from south coastal in Lombok island. This bay located in Gerupuk village, Central Lombok district. In this area, there are five spot for surfing. Those five spots located in the south east side of it. The names of those places are unique because it has local name and special name given by foreign visitors. Those five are Batu Teong (Dondon), Prigi (Inside), Giligoleng (Outside), Batu Lawang (Kids Point) and Terasaq (Outside left).

Surfing in Lombok at Gerupuk bayWaves in those five spots are always churn so its challenge surfers to conquer it. The waves in this bay can reach to 3m height. The white sandy beach and the surrounding scenery make this place always crowded by visitors. The visitors dominated by foreign one, especially from Japan, Australia, Sweden, England and Germany. In the afternoon, if you want to see Gerupuk island from different angle, go and climb a small hill in the east side of surf camp. From this point, you’ll be able to see the whole Gerupuk bay.

Besides surfing, you can also find a distinct view around the bay. The village is near to hotels and cafes, as if they’re blending. Some of local people’s house are turned into home stays and café. If you pass the village’s road, you’ll see colorful tents. Stop for a while and you will find women are cleaning new harvested seaweed and put it into big sacks. This seaweed is sent outside Lombok island such as to Bali island and Java island specially Surabaya.

Local people occupy as fishermen, seaweed farmer, and fish breeder using bagang apung and caramba. They also renting boat for those who want to do surfing. If you still have energy left, come to Sea Conservation Office which you will be informed on protected sea biota especially in the south side of Lombok island sea.

Gerupuk Bay, a surfing spotThough the location is quite far from Mataram, Gerupuk island is only 9 km from Kuta beach which is a main tourism destination in Lombok. You can reach it by personal vehicles, motorbike or public transportation. If you use personal car or motorbike, you may take route of Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Praya-Penujak-Sengkol-Kuta-Gerupuk village. While if you use public transportation, you can take the route mataram-bertais-praya-sengkol. Soon after you reach sengkol, you can take another route sengkol-kuta which cost IDR 10,000, and continued by motor taxi approximately IDR 15,000. To get into the surfing place you have to take boat from Gerupuk village with cost IDR 70,000/ 2 persons. You can also reach it by land mode, but the roads are steep and twisting.

Since the Gerupuk island is far from Mataram but near to some beach objects in Lombok, you can arrange your visit to Kuta beach, Mawun, Selong Belanak beach, or Sade village.

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Travelling Tips

  • Use your sun block, sun screen, and hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • Bring a mask if you decided to see the seaweed plantation, because it smells bad.
  • Park you vehicles in nearest café from the harbor, because in the harbor there isn’t any parking area.

Additional Information and Map

  • Location: Gerupuk village, Central Lombok district
  • Admission: free
  • Public Facilities: restaurants, home stays, information centre, surfshop, mosque, toilet, Sea Conservation Office (opens at 08.00-14.00).
  • Other Services: Surfing board rental price : IDR 40,000/ 2 hours
  • Nearest Hotel or Resort: Novotel Lombok hotel

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