The Exoticism of Gili Meno

Peace, this is the first impression you will get when you step your feet in Gili Meno. This Gili Lombok is serving a rejuvenation. Therefore, no wonder if this Gili is often become a honeymoon destination.

If Gili Trawangan is known as a party island due to the crowd and various events there, Gili Meno is known to be a honeymoon island due its exoticism and tranquility. This  quietest and smallest Gili lies between two popular Gilis: Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. The calm and rejuvenating atmosphere makes this island so perfect for a honeymoon. The island has fewer tourists than Gili Trawangan.

For you who love water sport, the sea around is serving thousands of reef species and marine biota that serve a spectacular underwater view. Therefore, the most recommended water activities in this Gili are snorkeling, diving or simply swimming among this white-sanded blue beach.

lombok gili islandsAnother attraction that you should visit when you are in Gili Meno is a saltwater lake in the west part of the island. The lake is quite large and it is surrounded by mangrove plants that become the home of various birds, including Eagle. If you can’t get enough of enjoying the bird singing in this area, you can go to the Bird Park that is located in the Bird Park Homestay. There, not only can you hear the birds singing, but also watch them directly. You can even have a chance to touch the birds, but make sure to ask the permission from the keeper. The location of this bird park is right in the middle of the island, to be specific; it is located about 100 meters from the saltwater lake. At the late afternoon and night, you can join the local people to catch the fish or go hunting. You can enjoy the catch on the side of the beach.

Another activity you should do when you visit Gili Meno is exploring the island while enjoying the sunset. This Gili is quite small, so it won’t take too much energy to explore it. However, if you don’t want to get tired, you can rent cidomo or bicycle.

This Gili Lombok is having so many magnets that you cannot resist, so it should be on the top list of your schedule. To reach Gili Meno, you can choose one of these two routes. First, you can start from Mataram- Senggigi- Pemenang through the beach route. It takes about an hour to reach Gili Meno through this route if we are using private car or motorcycle. Along this route, you will be pleased with the magnificent view of blue ocean that is framed with white sand. The road on this route was built to follow the contour of the lands. There are some best spots on this route like Malimbu Hill and Serumbung Hill. Make sure to stop by and take some pictures there. It had better to stop by on the hill about 4pm, so you can enjoy some snacks and take rest while watching the sunset. The second route is Mataram – Pusuk – Pemenang. This route is perfect for the animal lovers because in Pusuk Pass, you can stop by to take a rest and find some monkeys. This route takes about 45 minutes.

No matter which route you choose, you have to reach Bangsal Port to cross to Gili Meno. There, you will find some local guides, remember that not all of them are friendly, so you have to get ready. To cross to Gili Meno from Lombok Indonesia, you can take the public boat. You can also rent a boat by joining other tourists. The trip is quite long, but when you have reached Gili Meno, you know that it worth your effort. Make sure to visit other Lombok Gili islands such as Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, you will find quite a different atmosphere on these two islands.

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Travelling Tips

  • Make sure to reach Bangsal Port before 9am, so you can use the public boat.
  • Don’t forget to ask about the public boat availability to the ticketing officer.
  • If you want to stay, don’t forget to bargain the hotel fee. You can also put your personal vehicle in the Bangsal Port. The parking fees are affordable, IDR 2,000 for motorcycle and IDR 10,000 for car.

Additional Information and Map

  • Location: Gili Indah Village, Pemenang sub-district. North Lombok
  • Admission: free
  • Best time to visit: April- August due to the calm wave
  • Public Facilities: hotels, restaurants, car and motorcycle deposit, souvenir stores
  • Other Services: Public boat fee: IDR 10,000 per passenger (available from 9am to 5pm); Cidomo rental: IDR 50,000/ride; Bicycle rental: IDR 30,000/day
  • Nearest Hotel or Resort: Tropical Hideaways Resort, Gili Meno Bird Park Resort, Birumeno Bungalow.

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