Ekas Bay, The Total Rejuvenation and Food of the Soul

Ekas Bay should be your destination at lombok travel guide if you are looking for the simplest and the most traditional way of rejuvenation. On this tranquil place, you can live with the local fishermen or simply recharge your soul with the beauty of the area view. Ekas Bay coastline is filled with the sparkling white sands that look like a desert of diamonds. You will find some magnificent beaches like Sawung Beach, Planet Beach, Batunampar Beach, Surga Beach and some others. On the east part, you will see the yellowish high cliffs that stand like a wall and on the north; you can see Mount Rinjani, the highest point of Lombok Indonesia.

If you feel clueless about Lombok information on which beach to visit in this Bay, then make sure to put Ekas Beach on your top list. The wave of this beach is gently sweeping the coastline with its clear seawater, so the recommended activities are snorkeling, fishing and swimming. Make sure to bring your snorkeling and fishing equipment because there wouldn’t be any rental shop down there.

local fishermen and small huts in ekas bayThe best thing about Ekas Beach on Ekas Bay is the local fishermen’s activities. There are about 50 small huts floating on the sea with the fishermen’s traditional boat on the sides of the huts. The small huts are made to grow Kerapu fish and shrimp. You can also see the fishermen’s activities on the land. You can see how the fishermen build their traditional boat with simple tools. In some traditional gazebos or what the local people call as berugag, you will find some people chop some fishes. The fishes are called as monar, cotet and tamban puteq. After the fishes are chopped, it will be used to feed kerapu fish that will be sold to Bali and around Lombok.

Ekas Bay is a remote and tranquil are and if you are looking for an adventurous experience, make sure to stay on the area. Remember that this area is lack of facilities, so you have to prepare everything by yourselves without any Lombok information. You can build your tent near the small huts where the local fishermen make their net. If you don’t have any tent, you can stay on the local people’s house. If you still have time, use it to explore the beaches on Ekas Bay and take short visit to the saltwater lake. The lake is located along Jerowaru Lauk and it is surrounded by mangrove forests. This is the place where the local people make mineral salt traditionally. Not only watching the traditional process to make salt, but also you can be the part of it.

To reach Ekas Bay, you are recommended to use private car or motorcycle from Mataram. The route that you should take is Mataram-Cakranegara-Kediri-Praya-Mujur-Ganti-Keruak-Jerowaru-Ekas. It is a 75km route. If you take public transportation, the route is Mataram-Bertais-Praya-Keruak. If you have reached Keruak, you should use the motorcycle service because there isn’t any public transportation heading to the next destinations.

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Travelling Tips

  • When we visit Ekas Bay, we are recommended to prepare enough cash for all accommodation in the area because we might not be able to find ATM.
  • At noon, make sure to wear sunglasses and high-SPF sunblock to protect the skin from sunlight.
  • When we want to walk along Ekas Bay, make sure to take some food and water with you because the distance between one store and another in Ekas Bay can be quite far.
  • Make sure to carry dry clothes if we want to do some beach activities like snorkeling or swimming.

Additional Information and Map

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