The “Cukli” of Lombok Furniture in Lendang Re

Lombok island has a special handicraft which cannot be found in other places. The name is cukli. This handicraft is all stuffs made from wood with planted sea shell as its decoration. It can be ashtray, jewelry box, tissue box, fruit bowl, frame, Lombok table, chair, cupboard, Lombok furniture and bed.

lombok tableOnce you see it, you will wonder how the making process does. To know about it, you may go to Lombok cukli making centre at Lendang Re. This small village is a’ place of born’ for cukli handicraft which located around 10 km from mataram city, in its northeast side. To reach it by personal car, you may take Penjanggik street-Sultan Hasanudin street-by pass (Jend. Sudirman channel to Bandara International Lombok/BIL). In the south side of the bypass, you will find a simple gate from iron which says ‘Welcome to Lendang Re Cukli Handicraft Centre’. Starts from this gate, then you can enter small village of Lendang Re.

According to a local people, in this small village there are at least four families which still depend their life from cukli handicraft from Lombok. Their houses are near to each other, about 75 m. so in one visit, you will visit all of them. Before the 1st Bali bombing, almost all families are cukli craftsman. After the 1st Bali bombing, almost all was struck. There isn’t any buyer visit any longer. Now, the visitors arlombok furnituree mostly domestic tourist which buys for their personal need only.

The amount of cukli craftsman is so little indeed. But from these people, almost all cukli handicrafts are coming from. Beside Lombok furniture from their own village, they also order or get some raw materials such as ashtray and bed from another village. Those materials usually made from mahogany wood. If it made from teak wood, the price is expensive, because it has to be imported from Java Island. While the sea shell are imported from Bali, Makassar, and Flores.

lombok table made in rendang leThe craftsman at Lendang Re, usually process all those material till it’s ready to be marketed. But they also process it half way, and then they do the finishing touch in another handicraft centre such as in Labuapi small village.

If you enter this village, you will see their activities in their workshop. There is someone who makes holes with certain chisel, or cut the sea shell into small pieces and putting and glues it to its hole, or polishes it using grind stone, and many other more. These entire craftsmen will welcome you nicely. They also accept all kind of your order. You just need to draw the red line, and they will do it for you. If your order is big enough, leave your address to them and they will send it right to your hotel door.

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Travelling Tips

  • Don’t hesitate to ask permission to the craftsman if you want to see their activities.
  • Please do asking much if you want to visit this place, since there aren’t any signs to this village.
  • If you want to order special furniture, prepare the simple drawing before departing

Additional Information and Map

  • Location: Sayang Sayang village, west Lombok regency
  • Admission: free
  • Best time to visit: 08.00-11.00 am
  • Public Facilities: parking area (for non bus), restaurant (in bypass)
  • Nearest Hotel or Resort: Villa Sayang Boutique Hotel & Spa, Puri Indah Hotel

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