To Climb Rinjani Mountain at Narmada Temple

When you step in Narmada temple, you‘ll feel as if you’re in Rinjani mountain which surrounded by wood and lake. This holy place stands impressively in Narmada park which is a ‘miniature’ of Rinjani mountain. Allegedly, king of Anak Agung Gede Karangasem built this temple because of his old age that he couldn’t climb Rinjani mountain to do the pray. As a replacement, he built a temple in a Rinjani mountain ‘miniature’ which is known as Narmada park.

narmada temple parkIn the park area, there is the first yard called Jabbal Kap. In this yard, you’ll be able to see twin pools which are surrounded by mangosteen trees. The next yard, is Mukedas. This second yard will be the first yard you will step in because it located right in after the entrance. In this yard, there is bale loji which was king’s resting place, and bale terang which was a warehouse. Then you need to down stairs to go to Padmawangi pool which there’s a fountain in the middle of it. In the north side of the pool there’s a small house which called bale petirtaan. Inside bale petirtaan there is Amerta Padmawangi which sourced from Rinjani mountain and you can ask for it to the caretaker. In the east side of the youthful look fountain, there is stair soars to Kalasa temple. Kalasa comes from the name of a sacred river in india, as a staying place for god Ciwa. This temple is indeed a worshipping place for god Ciwa. Unlike any other temples which divided into three main parts in line, this holy place only has two yards which form a square. In the outermost yard, you will see two bale gong. While in the inside yard, which is surrounded by red bricks, you will see three sanggah which symbolize the trinity in Hindu. This inside yard has two gates in the west and south side.

narmada templeTo enter Kalasa temple, you have to see the caretaker first which lives in the north side of the temple. This temple only open at certain prays.

From this temple, you can go to bale gong. There, you can see all the view of Narmada park and its surrounding area. If you’re sweating after walking around the temple, you can experience the cold water of the pool which sourced naturally, or sailing in the big pool using swan-shaped boat. To operate it, you have to row it.

After you’re tired of swimming or rowing, you can take a rest at the east side of the park, where you can find colorful food stalls. This stalls located in higher place compared to the swimming and the big pool. The foods served here mostly is sate bulayak, which is satay (Indonesian traditional food made from chopped chicken, beef, or fish) which eaten with bulayak (rice cooked in palm leaves).

Narmada temple is located only 12 km from Mataram Lombok. To reach it you can use personal car or public transportation. By personal car, you can take route Mataram-Cakranegara-Bertais-Narmada. With public one, you may take Mataram-Sweta, then Sweta-Narmada. Narmada temple is right In front of Narmada market.


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Travelling Tips

  • If you want to enter Narmada temple, ask for permission from the caretaker since its open in special ceremony only.
  • Use shawl if you’re entering the temple, and you can borrow it for free.
  • Women in menstruation period are not allowed to enter the temple and bale petirtaan.
  • Use comfortable, non slippery footwear
  • If you take children with you, watch for them more when you’re in pool area. The pool in Narmada park is quite deep, specially the big pool.

Additional Information and Map

  • Location: Narmada village, West Lombok district
  • Admission: IDR 5,000/person for Narmada park.
  • Best time to visit: Open at 09.00-18.00 WITA for Narmada park.
  • Public Facilities: parking area, food stall, toilet and souvenir shop
  • Nearest Hotel or Resort: Puri Indah Hotel

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